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Pain Pain Go Away

…but don’t come again another day.

So on Tuesday I got off the bus coming back from work and went into my apartment. Immediately my shoulder blade/upper back area on my left side started to hurt. I’ve had this area hurt before (I’m sure many of us have), but its usually after I pulled something or slept on it wrong, not just out of nowhere! I mean I could have pulled it or something and not realized it I suppose. I kind of ignored it because it wasn’t that bad, and usually stuff like that passes after I sleep on it. The next day it still hurt, so I took some Advil for it. It was uncomfortable for most of the day, but it was especially bad in the evening (when I was moving around to cook dinner and all). It was a sharp shooting pain and made it very difficult to do anything. Luckily, it didn’t hurt when I was sleeping so I thought it would be gone the next day (yesterday), but no. It was worse yesterday and even worse yesterday evening, and Advil didn’t even make much of a dent in the pain. I had Shawn put some Mineral Ice on it and massage it a bit.

I slept really well all night and this morning I woke up and noticed that the pain, while still present, had dulled a bit and its more of an ache now than a sharp pain. It also seems to have moved/spread around a bit, because my left shoulder/arm and the base of my neck are kind of achy. Ugh! I’m glad that the shooting pain part of it seems to be fading away, but I’m tired of that area feeling so achy! Anyone else have random things like this happen, and how long did it take for it to go away? If it keeps up for another week or so I’ll probably see a doctor about it. My hope is that it’ll continue to fade away, though.

In other medical news that is probably more than you want to hear, remember that annoying rash I was talking about in February? Well, my entry was about how it went away for a week, but of course it came back. I’ve had it for well over a year now and its just gotten worse as time goes on. I was this close to just making an appt with a dermatologist when I did some research online and decided to try out whatever I could find at the drugstore. I was (and am) pretty sure that its a mild form of Seborrheic Dermatitis, which is something I’ve already known I had since high-school but it only affected my scalp area before. Its supposed to be caused by a fungal infection, so I ended up picking up Lamisil (which is an anti-fungal cream…its advertised as being for athlete’s foot but the active ingredient is good for any type of fungal infection) as well as Cortizone-10, which is a cream containing hydrocortisone and moisturizers. Well I’ve been using both creams for about a week now, and my skin is starting to gradually look normal again! Its still dry and there’s still patches of discoloration, but those patches are much smaller in size now. Its very gradual, though, but definitely noticeably better. I’m sure there’s some perscription cream out there I could get that would be higher concentrated and work much quicker, but I’m fine with this for now. Just seeing any kind of improvement puts me in a good mood haha. If I had known that much aggravation could have been saved by just spending 13 bucks at the drugstore, I would’ve done it a lot sooner. Here’s hoping that it actually continues to improve, though, and that the creams don’t just stop working.

Oh yea…there’s an entry below on my beauty blog where I talk about how I’m improving my skincare routine. Because you totally haven’t heard enough about my skin conditions in this blog entry or anything… 😕

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Hello all. Not a review today, but I wanted to talk about this website I stumbled upon called BEAUTYPEDIA. I’m sure at least some of you have heard of it before or have heard of its creator, Paula Begoun (the “Cosmetics Cop”). Here is some background on her… read the rest

2 thoughts on “Pain Pain Go Away”

  1. Shooting pain is the worst! My neck has been sore for a while now for no reason. It’s not so bad that I feel like I have to go to a doctor. But if I move it the wrong way I will get a sharp pain…lol.

    I hate skin problems. I’ve been dealing with eczema for quite a few years now. It’s not so bad right now, but last summer it was horrible. I finally went to the doctor in March and she gave me a cream. I put it on my arms and they cleared up almost over night. It was amazing lol. I hope your rash goes away soon for you.

  2. I get the same problems. You might want to go to a bed specialist and invest in one of their fancy pillows- they can really help. The main cause can be sitting and looking at the computer, most people don’t sit right at the computer so it’s pretty common these days. Try stretching out the area several times a day and make sure your sitting right in your chair and looking at your computer in a comfortable way 🙂

    The pains last differently for everyone, hopefully the painkillers will continue to help <3

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