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pointless update

I’m about due for a blog post, but I honestly have nothing to talk about! haha. Work has been going well. We’ve been getting more snow, but hopefully it’ll get warmer soon…its already starting to get a bit warmer. I booked a flight for Charlotte for Easter weekend (April 2-4) so I’m looking forward to that…hopefully I’ll get to see more of the city than I did when I was there for a week haha. Spent basically this whole past weekend cleaning (exciting, I know).

Looking forward to a couple of my fav shows coming back this Spring! Top Model starts the 10th and Glee in April…yay! I don’t have cable anymore (I was tired of them taking all my money) so I’ll have to catch them on Hulu.

Working on quite a few new songs (as usual, I never finish one before beginning another…haha). Hoping to get them finished and up on the Myspace eventually… preferably all at one time as opposed to one by one.

I deleted the category cloud on the sidebar, cause I realized when you went to a category page none of the images in the layout showed…and I was too lazy to figure out what the problem was so I just took it out. Not sure who really used my categories anyway.