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water water everywhere

Its pouring out right now. I’m in the family room of the house so its like directly on the roof. Kinda crazy.

Apparently there was some huge leak from the upstairs bathroom all the way down to the basement, so we had a plumber come over this morning. He basically had to saw open a portion of the wall and discovered that the whole pipe had been leaking out over various parts of the house for quite a while haha. Apparently it was the hardest job he ever had to do in his 24 years of plumbing. epic win?….well, now we have this big hole in the wall by the front door. Its weird.

I wish I had more to do or more stuff going on during the weekends. My life is kinda boring. mehh. Theres a lot of stuff I’m procrastinating on though…like re-designing my portfolio and this blog and eventually moving everything to a new (cheaper) host. Just haven’t gotten around to it though. One day…

5 thoughts on “water water everywhere”

  1. hey! it’s kim (kimcupcakes from twitter)… just stopping by!
    i know exactly how you feel… i wish i had more stuff to do also. life is just blah right now. 🙁

  2. Sorry you’re bored. Want to write my thesis for me? Just kidding! I only wish I had more time to redesign my blog. I decided to start blogging again despite that. Try to make sure when you switch hosts that they have Apache installed with mod_rewrite enabled! That way your posts can have pretty, meaningful permalinks instead of ?p=123.

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