Daily Life

Quarantines, Home Buying, and that #wfh life

Well 2020 has been a real shit show so far hasn’t it? Steve and I are set to buy our first home together next week. We’re really nervous as to if all this will effect our closing, even though we’ve been assured that everything is settled and right on track for our closing date (whether that’ll be in person or remote is yet to be seen). So much can happen in a week though, and no ones ever really dealt with this type of thing before.

A bit about the house though… its very close to the one we’re currently renting which makes everything super convenient (same train station, area, etc). The style of the house is a split-level, so its kind of a cool set up with staggered floors. There’s technically 4 bedrooms (the one is kind of an addition on the lower level part of the house). Aside from the bedroom, we’re planning on turning one into a workout/gym room, and the other 2 will be our own spaces similar to what we have now (Steve’s being an office, and mine being a sort of guest room/makeup & wardrobe thing). The backyard is super private with tons of trees, and the area in general is nice and quiet, which you know I love.

It’s a bit scary to be buying a house when the economy is steadily tumbling. We got a really good interest rate at least that we were able to lock in when they were at all time lows. I had a lot of excitement about the house a couple weeks ago before things kind of blew up (painting! decor! remodeling!), all of which has sort of…gone down quite a bit. With some small exceptions, I’ll probably make do with what we have for the time being.

I’ve been working from home the past week (well, starting Tuesday), which has been wonderful. I’m so jealous of people who can do this on a regular basis. I guess this will last through at least next week and then who knows what will happen. My company hates this work from home thing so I’m sure I’ll get pulled back in the minute the city ends the lockdown, corona be damned.

I’ve been trying to keep the same schedule, minus 1 hour which I’d previously use for commuting, which I now use for sleeping. Luckily I workout at home anyway so I don’t have to worry about a gym being closed. I’ve been trying to add a walk outside after “work” or at least a walk on the treadmill in here to make up for the 2mi or so I would normally walk daily getting to/from work. Its nice to actually be able to make use of the monitor, keyboard, and mouse I got like 4 years ago for my design business (pictured). They’re holding up pretty well.

The kitties seem to be ambivalent to our extended presence around here, as kitties will do. It’s nice to be able to keep an eye on them though…even if they literally do nothing.

Until next time…stay safe out there!