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quiet up there!

I dont know what it is that the people above us do that create so much noise, but whatever it is it should not be at EIGHT AM on a Sunday morning. I know maintenance does a lot of stuff in the morning but I swear it has to be coming from an apartment. I have no idea what it is. It sounds like someone sawing something and rolling bowling balls on the floor and throwing chairs everywhere or building an effing boat. I finally got fed up at 8:30 and started doing laundry. And I don’t think there is any safe time to do laundry in this building cause theres always a million people there using up the washers. Do I have to wake up at like 5AM for there to be no one else there? >.< The marching band event last night was pretty pointless, but I enjoy band events at night so it was fun. The crowd seemed very unenthusiastic though, which is weird cause usually crowds go nuts for our last song. O well. The project I had to do yesterday wasn't bad, although we basically just made up everything. haha. I just want this week to be over and done with =(

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  1. haha…I shouldn’t really complain about noisy neighbours since I’m probably the noisy one in my neighbourhood, what with my constant banging away at my piano…

    love your music playlist!

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