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Review: Anderson Soap Co. Whipped Soap

Hi all! This is my review of Anderson Soap Company‘s Whipped Soap in True Lavender! I discovered this lovely online soap store from LePooke‘s YouTube Channel and purchased the soap from the company’s shop on The first thing I noticed about the online store was how many different types of creative products and scents were available! The prices are also amazing! I knew right away I wanted to try the whipped soap because I have never tried anything quite like it before. They are currently $5.25/ea. Choosing a scent was extremely difficult because there were so many options, but I eventually decided on True Lavender because the scent is listed as having very therapeutic and stress-relieving effects, and with the job market these days, whats not to be stressed about? The shipping was way faster than I expected. Usually it seems like I’m waiting on packages forever but I was suprised to recieve it only a few days after ordering! The scent was quite strong and almost reminded me of eucalyptis (which I love)…I could tell right away it was going to be a great stress-reliever. The consistantsy is really neat…kind of like a marshmellow paste! I only needed about a finger-scoop full on my bath poof to get a really rich and bubbly lather. And the aroma of the lavender had definate lingering power. Theres also quite a hefty amount left, as the tub it came in was packed to the brim with soap! All in all, I would definately purchase again! Anderson’s soaps also seem like they would make really great gifts, as they come in all kinds of shapes and colors. Next on my list? Cotton Candy Whipped Soap and the Strawberry Shortcake Soap Bar!