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installation woes

Just upgraded last night to WordPress 2.8. As long as I can remember, I’ve never had an issue updating WordPress versions. I am usually never able to do it through the automatic update thing cause it just…doesn’t work. So I do it manually. After upgrading, I noticed my Dashboard was funky…none of the drop-down menus worked and the right sidebar was missing completely. O_O I re-uploaded all of the files but still the same problem. I had to Google search for a solution, which I eventually found on the WordPress forum. I had to add 2 lines to my .htaccess file (which I have never even touched before and was a bit apprehensive to) which apparently forced php5. I’ve discovered that my hosting service, 1and1.com, doesn’t have PHP5 set as the default which causes all sorts of problems. I’ve been wanting to switch hosting companies for some time so maybe this is the final straw? haha. Needless to say, adding the two lines worked and my Dashboard appears to be functioning normally now. However, some other things are fishy…like for a few of my posts (specifically the “vlog” ones for some reason), it says “comments closed” when I have never closed them. When I go to check if they are closed, they are listed as being open. Confused! O well. My smilies also got overwritten with the ugly default ones…guess I’ll have to do something about that now while I have time. Thanks Crystal for suggesting the Smilies-Themer plugin! Love it! 😆

In other news, …well there isn’t really any other news. haha. In the office (thank goodness its Friday!) and I have one more week until my boss returns from vacation. Very bored…but I guess thats better than the alternative. Going to lunch today with my mom (and possibly dinner with the bf) so that should be nice.

Operation do-not-bite-nails is going well! haha. Its been almost two weeks :p I’ve discovered that the reason my nail polish always went on so sloppy before was because my nails were so short…longer nails makes for neater polish!

Have a couple new reviews up on the Beauty Blog so check that out.

Later gators.

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