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Review: Bath & Body Works Lemon Vanilla Mist

Just wanted to post a quick review on this fragrance spray that I got from Bath and Body Works this past weekend!  I don’t shop there very often, but I had a coupon so I wandered in. The designer in me was immediately attracted to the “summer vanillas” collection. I mean, how cool are these bottles?

I’m a sucker for large fonts. haha. The first scent I took a whiff of was the coconut vanilla cooling mist, since I love coconut. It wasn’t bad, but not as “coconutty” as I was anticipating. Then I tried this one, the lemon vanilla, and wow! I knew I would like it because I like lemon scents as well, but the vanilla made it even better. It smells like one of those lemon square desserts…definitely a very sweet/summary scent. The “cooling mist” refers to the fact that its an aerosol, instead of the regular spray bottles (which they also have). What surprised me about this product, however, was how long it last after I sprayed it. Each day this week I’ve sprayed it on before leaving for work…and I seriously could smell it throughout the day and even when I got home. From my experience, “fragrance sprays” don’t last very long as opposed to actual perfumes, but I guess this one does! All in all, this is a great, light summer fragrance. If you want to pick one up (in this scent or any others), they’re only $6 at….which is literally half of what I paid =P