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blast from the past

So I spent most of today cleaning out the desk in my room at home. It was pretty much stuffed to the brim with crap…journals, magazines, papers, books, etc. Why I subscribed to all Teen, Teen People, and Seventeen magazines, I’ll never know. haha. But I started to read through all of my old diaries. There were 4 of them starting from age 11 and going until age 14 or so. Its so strange to read what I wrote back then and to see the kind of stuff that occupied my mind. I was such an odd kid…very naive and definitely more of a loner than I thought I was. I had no real friends except for a girl who lived across the street named Nicole. We were really close friends until she moved away…and I wrote a lot about her and how I missed her. I also wrote about how I was picked on in grade school. Thinking about that always makes me bitter, but reading about it from a first-hand account (from myself) is even worse haha. Looking back I was probably depressed, or at least I was at times. I stopped writing in the last journal a little after I started high school…probably because I actually made some good friends and started being happy. At any rate, its nice to have written accounts of these kinds of things because, while I remember some of the things I was thinking during that time, theres a lot of little things that I had forgotten about.

Anyway…so I ended up throwing out a lot of old stuff that was filling up the desk space like magazines, pens and pencils, doodles, and X-Files fan-fiction (hey…don’t judge! haha) The trashbag was so heavy that I had to triple bag it because the bottom was tearing, which also could be attributed to the fact that my dad gets really cheap garbage bags X( All that ended up being left were my photo albums, diaries, lyric journals, and a portfolio. Inside the portfolio I put a bunch of random papers like old poems and letters from Nicole that I didn’t want to throw out. Also, if any former “HG” band members are reading this, I found typed song lyrics. And they cracked me up.

Now that thats done I need to work on cleaning out my nightstand, bookshelf, and dresser drawers. Those shouldn’t be too hard though…mostly just toys and old clothes and junk. Oh yea and I’m re-painting my room! (or rather, my dad is). I’ve decided on a light pink with a dark red/pink accent wall. I’m hoping it’ll turn out nicely since the colors match my rug.

Tomorrow starts another week…weekends always seem so short! We took my mom out for mother’s day tonight to an italian restaurant. I had some penne puttanesca and a cannoli. Both were delish. Well I’m off to bed…when did it get to be 11?…

2 thoughts on “blast from the past”

  1. I’m painting my (new) room too! But I’ve been pondering colors for a good three weeks now and still am as indecisive as ever! Pink’s a good color for you, though, I think because your site tends to have at least a little bit of pink in it most of the time. I guess I’m probably a green/blue/purple/brown kind of girl, so I’ll have to try and make that work for me.

    I have the same love/hate relationships with old journals, too. Can’t bear to throw them away, for sure.

  2. I always find it interesting to read my old diaries too. It’s crazy that you can see how much you changed because it really doesn’t feel that way sometimes.

    I enjoy going through my stuff and throwing out things I don’t need anymore. It makes me feel lighter. I do it pretty often. I recently went through my things to find stuff that I could possibly sell at a yard sale. I had more than I thought I would.

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