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Review: Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & Tweezer

I received the Crown Brush HD Set from iFabbo a couple months ago and keep meaning to review but forgetting. Luckily, iFabbo sent me a reminder…so here goes!

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I was surprised at the amount of stuff in this set. There are six brushes (“pro powder”, “tapered blush” “deluxe contour”, “crease blender”, “chisel shadow”, “detail liner”), tweezers, and a mirror that is attached to the carrying case containing all of the products.

I can’t say that I’ve tried all the brushes, because I honestly don’t think I have a lot of use for most of them (I don’t use eye makeup very often, which most are for), but I use the large powder brush daily and absolutely love it! It’s larger than the previous powder brush I was using and is super soft. I much prefer synthetic brushes because of the softness and have used Crown brushes in the past. I have also used the blush brush which I loved as well although I wish it were just slightly bigger. All the brushes are great quality, and I will definitely use the chisel shadow brush whenever I decide to use eye makeup. In fact, I will probably just toss all of my other brushes because this kit really does have everything I need! These brushes are also easy to clean as well!

I have also used the tweezers, which are much appreciated since I always seem to forget to bring them on travels (I only have one pair). They worked well and did what they’re supposed to do…no complaints!

I will say that I kind of wish I had gotten another kit color other than white, because I’m finding the white case is getting dirty very quickly with other makeup products. Not a huge deal though.

The HD Brush Set is currently $27.95 on Crown’s website (which is a steal for what you receive!)