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Post Holiday Post

I seem to be falling into the once-a-month posting routine again. Whoops!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Mine was nice, chaotic at times, but nice. Kinda glad its over now and things can go back to normal again.

The weather has been a bit crazy lately. Snowing and icing and much colder than usual (yet we haven’t gotten a snow day yet…figures). We’ve had to buy foam strips to put under the windows and doors because the draft is crazy (as is our electric bill). It seems to help a bit. The poor kitty has been attacking his fur and skin a lot. We’ve ordered a humidifier so I’m hoping to see an improvement with that, but if not its off to the vet yet again. Its funny because his fur has been gorgeous lately (I’ve been giving an omega 3 supplement to him)…really full and skinny, but the skin itself is the problem. =/

I was going to make another long post about New Years resolutions, but honestly…what is the point anymore? I don’t follow them most of the time (does anyone?). I do need to try to work out again at least somewhat consistently, especially since I pay $10/month for the Gymbox app. I’ve been feeling so lethargic lately so maybe that will help somewhat. I’ve also felt really like pissy and snappy meh…I’m in such a funk. I don’t want to be turning 27 this year….like WAT? I’m practically old. Except without many things that categorize oneself as “old”. I always feel like this around the new year though. Its just a reminder of how fast time is moving and how much I don’t want it to.

Well…my one resolution this year is to eat more vegetables. Setting the bar real low this time. haha.

Colorado trip is next weekend, so that should be fun! Hope the weather isn’t crazy so our flight(s) will be okay.

When’s the last time I did a Birchbox review? God I’m slacking.

2 thoughts on “Post Holiday Post”

  1. I think this time of year makes everyone lazy and depressed. I don’t even want to think about how old I have to turn this year (29?! That can’t be right…). I hope you have fun on your trip! I need a real vacation so badly.

  2. I think New Year’s resolutions are quite useless, if you want to change something you can do it anytime throughout the year.
    I also need to eat more vegetables. Let’s say good luck to us both!

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