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Review: Glade Sparkle of Spring Candle

Since this isn’t exactly a beauty product, I wasn’t sure whether to post this review here or on my main blog,, but I decided here would be the best place in order to keep my product reviews separate from my personal blogging.

BzzAgent was generous enough to send me quite a few products from SE Johnson as part of their Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning campaign. I recieved Pledge, shower foam cleaner, a candle (which I’ll review here), a scented plug-in refill (which I haven’t used yet because I need to get the actual plug-in), and toilet bowl cleaning gels (which I actually have been already using for over a year). Since I’m a candle junkie, thats what I’ve decided I’m going to review. Let me know if you want me to review any of the other products I was sent, because I can definitely do that as well (and I’ll probably review at least the plug-in when I get around to using it).

The candle I recieved was part of Glade’s new Spring Collection. The scent is called “Sparkle of Spring” and is described as “fresh lime and citrus”. I tend to avoid tropical/fruity scents (not because I dislike them, but I just tend to prefer more floral, woodsy, or clean scents), so it was nice to a tropical scent filling my apartment for once =p The color of the candle is bright green, which is fun and different! I found the scent to be very “springy” (obviously) and fresh and definitely pleasant. However (and I’m not sure if this is due to my noise being a little stuffy), I found that the scent throw wasn’t that great. It might be better suited in a bathroom or other small space as opposed to where I burned it (in my living room) so I may try moving it into my bathroom next time. Overall, I’ve always liked Glade candles for the price they cost, which is usually pretty cheap. They’re not the best candles you can get, obviously (I have Candles by Victoria to thank for that!) but for a few bucks, they’re not a bad option, especially if you just want to bring a nice scent to a bathroom or other small area.