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Review: Lush Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

[amazon_link id=”B0016OCUNY” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar by LUSH[/amazon_link] [amazon_link id=”B0016OCUNY” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]LUSH Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar[/amazon_link]

Some more Lush for ya! This review is on the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar. I loveee this bubble bar to death! Even more than The Comforter (which happens to be my favorite color, pink…so you know this one must be good. haha). Its really huge so it can easily last 4 or 5 baths. I only broke a tiny corner off and got tons of bubbles. For those who have never used a bubble bar, basically you just break off a piece of it (or you can use the whole thing if its a smaller bubble bar) and crumble it into your bathtub below the faucet (it should end up being almost like a powder after you crumble it). Then you run the water and…bubbles! Some people like running the water first and then crumbling it in, but I’ve found that crumbing it and just kind of swishing the crumbles around so it hits the faucet water makes more bubbles. Anyway…the smell of this one (which is frankincense and patchouli) is amazing. If you like kind of woodsy types of scents (like I do) you would definitely love this. It kind of smells like incense except not as strong. The best part about this bubble bar though is the color it turns the water, which is this gorgeous bright blue-green! It was so pretty I found myself trying to move away the bubbles just to see the water. haha. All in all, a definite favorite and something I will surely re-purchase =)