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Quick Update

Just wanted to update you guys on the whole moving to Charlotte situation.

We were able to get someone to sign a new 12-month lease for our apartment (after realizing that our building doesn’t allow lease transfers or sublets). So thats really great cause now Shawn wont have to pay for like 5 months when he won’t be here. We are paying the first two months of the new person’s rent (February and March) because we used that as kind of a selling point in trying to get someone to take the apt haha, but we’re still saving money not having to pay for April-June. We’ll be moving out (well…I’ll be moving out) on Feb 6th if all goes well with getting a moving company for that day. Already arranged to cancel Comcast at the end of the month too. Shawn has been checking out Time Warner (the cable provider for NC) and the prices actually seem to be higher with not as many features. Who thought I’d ever appreciate Comcast’s prices? haha

As for when I’ll be going to Charlotte, I don’t think it will be right away. I will be at home for at least a week or two most likely…maybe more. I’ll have to see if I hear anything back from where I interviewed last Friday. I’ve been applying to jobs in Charlotte but no word back. I sent an email message to a television station today asking if they had any entry level positions. I’m hoping I’m able to find something…if not in the area that I want, then at least a part-time job somewhere. At this point I’ll even volunteer! lol

My dad seems to have turned around in his opinion about my moving…he appears to have realized, through actually doing some research, that Charlotte isn’t some hick cow town with a few hundred people. lol. I’m excited about traveling there this Saturday! I have no idea what I’m gonna do all week though…maybe hit up some touristy things. Also not looking forward to having to share a twin size air bed. Should be fun though…I’ll take pictures and bring back souvenirs. I’ve never traveled by myself by plane before so that should be a new adventure =/ haha

If anyone wants to come over to help me pack (sometime after the 24th) it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I basically have to pack this entire place myself, though I think the moving company helps with packing some of the bigger stuff.

Anywho this blog is getting longer than I planned…ta ta!

ETA: So I ended up getting a job here in Philly, meaning I won’t be moving Charlotte anytime in the near future. Kind of don’t know what to think now…lots of crazy changes have been happening this month (none of which I could foresee in like December). I’ll probably be moving home next month (kill me.) lol

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  1. That sucks that you won’t be moving with your boyfriend. But congrats on the job I guess. That’s a tough place that you are in. I hope everything works out okay. Good luck withing with the parents lol.

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