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Review of John Frieda Dry Shampoo

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I have been using TRESemme’s Dry Shampoo for awhile, but it really isn’t that great and often leaves my hair feeling sticky and even more dirty. I would just use it on my bangs, which would be okay, but not on the rest of my hair. I had read some good reviews about this new John Frieda product, and decided to give it a shot since the brand usually has great products.

My first impression was of how small the bottle was. I wasn’t even going to buy it initially because it looks about half the size of a standard spray-can, but I did anyhow. The spray level on this bottle is incredibly strong compared to the TRESemme. It really comes out fast and powerful! Because of that, you only need to do little short bursts and that helps to not use as much product. Because it comes out so fast, it can be a bit hard to control at first but its fine after you get used to it.

This product, like most dry shampoos out there, leaves a bit of a white powder finish on your hair, but that can be easily brushed out or shaken out. This got rid of all the oil in my hair without leaving it feeling gritty and sticky! Because it got rid of the oil, my hair got some natural volume back and looked and felt cleaner. Overall, I really do like this product and would definitely re-purchase. The only downside is the small size, but I only paid around $4.99 for it so its a pretty good deal!


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