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Sigma Dry’n Shape System

Sigma Dry’n Shape System

One of my beauty resolutions for the New Year was to wash my brushes more often. I rarely washed my brushes (maybe once a month? I know…gross) and the main reason was the drying time issue. I use almost all synthetic brushes, which are great because they’re soft and dense, but unfortunately take forever to dry. I would wash them on Friday night, and they wouldn’t be ready to use until Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday. Ridiculous! I was hesitating on buying the Dry N’ Shape from Sigma mostly because of the price tag ($30) but also because I didn’t think it would work for my brushes. I finally gave in last week and purchased it, and I’m SO glad that I did!

The Dry N’ Shape is basically a brush roll, which is something I don’t have so just having that is nice and great for traveling. It feels like a really nice leather material (I’m not sure if it is leather, but it definitely feels a lot like leather). I washed my brushes last night and squeezed out any excess water. Then I pulled each brush through the the elastic brush holders, making sure to use the smallest possible size that would fit each brush. I found it very easy to do this, except for my gigantic kabuki brush (the Bionic Wide Buffer from Coastal Scents). The base of this brush is enormous so I wasn’t even expecting it to fit through, but after some work I got it to fit through one of the large elastics! This system is mainly meant for face brushes, which obviously take much longer to dry than little brushes. However, I did end up putting my little eyeshadow brushes into it by doubling them up in the small elastic holders. After they were all in, I folded the brush roll around (it snaps together) and placed it upside-down so that the excess water would drip out of the brush onto the sink surface and not back into the base of the brush, which can cause shedding.

It is supposed to dry your brushes completely in 4-6 hours, but I just left it overnight since there’s no reason for me to need my brushes at 12AM. This morning I was anxious to see if they had dried. Sure enough, all my brushes were completely dry and I was able to use them for my makeup today! The gigantic buffer brush wasn’t 100% dry (I wasn’t expecting it to be) but it was very close to it and I’m sure if I had given it a few more hours it would have been completely dry.

Overall, this is one of the best purchases I’ve made so far in 2012. I will be able to wash my brushes much for frequently without waiting for days for them to be useable again. If you have brushes that take forever to dry, I’d highly suggest picking up the Sigma Dry and Shape! If you do, I’d appreciate if you would use my affiliate link! Sigma is running a promotion now for 10% off any order with code 0112XJML through January 31st, so take advantage of that while you can in the next few days!


5 thoughts on “Sigma Dry’n Shape System”

  1. I’ve heard about it and it’s great use. I was wondering if I should purchase it or not, but I think I’ll wait a bit. My brushes don’t take that long to dry. It’s usually dry the next day, but then again I live in a very warm, tropical place. Maybe that helps too? Great post!

  2. @tamyr yea if your brushes are usually dry enough the next day to use then I would say you don’t need the Dry’n Shape. I wish my brushes dried that quickly! haha

  3. OMG your brushes would take over 3 days to dry?!? No wonder you didn’t wash them often lol. My brushes usually dry the next day but I still kinda want this, and good for travel like you said!

    1. @Amanda I know! How ridiculous is that? I would wash them Friday evening so that I’d at least have them by Monday morning for work, then would go to use them and they’d still be damp. So frustrating haha.

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