Stitchfix – Summer 2017

I ordered a Stitchfix box last week! I’m not on any set schedule with these…so I just kind of order one when I feel like it. Lately, its seemed to be once a season so maybe I’ll start doing that. That makes this my “Summer” Stitchfix 🙂


Dear John Denim Shorts

These were unfortunately huge on me, but its okay since I have a ton of denim shorts and didn’t need anymore! Returned

Dee Elly Serena Dress

So I requested either a romper or an off-shoulder top. My stylist really took this to heart and made ALL of the items in this fix off the shoulder. Unfortunately this dress (while having a pretty pattern) was a super weird fit. I felt like I was in some kind of fairy halloween costume. It would probably work for someone else but just not for me. Or maybe as a top but not a dress. Returned

Navy Off-Shoulder Romper

Apologies as I forget the brand name of this, but this was the item I was really excited about because I’ve been trying forever to find a nice, comfortable romper. Unfortunately I wasn’t digging the off the shoulder part of this romper, and it was also a little tight so not as comfortable as I would have hoped. It was okay, and I loved the neutral color, but just wasn’t in love with it or anything. Returned

MIA Crochet Sandals

I knew right away I wasn’t going to keep these…not because they’re not cute (they are!) but I just have way too many shoes right now. They also weren’t super comfortable. Returned

Balin Cold Shoulder Crochet Fringe Top

This is the only item I kept! I love the “cold shoulder” detail to it and the pretty pattern. I also love the fringe! Kept