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The Hunger Games and Crazy Old Lady

Wow…last week of March! Crazy.

I went to see The Hunger Games on Saturday. It was really good! From what I can remember, almost exactly like the book (there were some small things they left out, but nothing that really affected the plot). I also ended up eating an entire tray of nachos =p So yummy. I justified it by the fact that I had run 3 miles that morning, which is officially the longest I’ve ever been able to jog/run…I was super proud of myself! I also paid $7 for the nachos, so no way was I going to not finish them haha

My weekend was going pretty good until this afternoon. I was walking back with Shawn carrying groceries, and it was fairly chilly out so I had on my Ugg boots (they’re comfy and easy to grab). All of a sudden I hear this old lady directly in front of me yelling something like “Look at her! Wearing boots when its not even snowing!” and laughing and repeating variations of that. I didn’t even notice she was talking about me until I realized she wasn’t actually talking to anyone else. She wasn’t even saying this to me, just…to the air, or random other people who weren’t listening. Wasn’t even directly looking at me either. I think that’s what pissed me off the most, that she wasn’t saying it directly at me (where I could have at least said something back). I shouldn’t have been so angry about it considering this lady was probably senile and batshit crazy, but I was regardless and wish I had said something. I hope I don’t become mean and bitter and crazy when I’m old. If I do, please don’t let me outside of the house haha

The new recipe for this week (coming up in the next post) is going to be Chana Masala, which is an Indian chickpea dish. I had planned on making Chicken Tikka Masala, but I forgot to get yogurt for it so I decided to improvise and it turned out pretty good.

Hope everyone has a good week!

2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games and Crazy Old Lady”

  1. That sucks about the crazy old lady. She would have a field day with me. I wear my boots anytime it’s cold out. Sometimes I will have my scarf and hat on when other people are walking around without either.

  2. I have yet to watch the movie, but I read the book. So far I have been hearing how people who haven’t read the book love it and hoe people who have find it so so. So not sure what to think about it but I’ll find out after I actually watch the film.
    Old people are crazy, I get a lot of those who stare and laugh as well. I wear crazy tights and I guess they just find them funny. XD I can understand your annoyance with this lady.

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