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Uncooperative Kitteh

Jeez when is the last time I posted here!? lol

Kitty Update: So far, I’ve given him 4 of the allergy shot injections with various levels of success haha. First was difficult, second was a breeze, third was okay, and the one I gave him yesterday was a mess. He kept moving so most of it got all over his fur and I had to redo it so I don’t even know if I put too little or too much into him. Ugh! I thought he’d become more used to it and cooperative by now, but he’s getting less cooperative I feel like. He’s also much more itchy than he was before which I’m not sure is a result of the shots, something in the environment (increased humidity = increased dust mites) or something else entirely.

In other news, all is going well with Adorability Designs (and there’s a new theme up if you want to take a look!). Definitely keeping myself busy! The new computer I got is a lifesaver and is way more easier to use than my laptop. Its kind of weird to be working in the evenings instead of wasting hours away on the youtube or facebook doing whatever. It makes me appreciate the weekends more! I’d love to incorporate some sort of design-related blog to it. I don’t know,though. I read all these design blogs that are so awesome and witty and have such great ideas and I totally am not good with that stuff haha. I can’t even remember to blog here on a regular basis! So maybe I’ll just stick to what I have for now.

We’re going to IKEA this weekend to pick up some much-needed items, specifically a new desk for Shawn since his is literally falling apart (like the screws are popping out lol).

Bah I just realized I left my phone at home…so I can’t add any kitty pictures to this post 🙁 Sorry guys!

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  1. Poor kitty. It’s a shame he doesn’t really seem to be doing better with the shots. Hope it gets under control soon!

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