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Updated Apartment Pictures

So I’ve had these pictures on my camera for the past week and keep forgetting to blog. I’ve literally sat down at my computer every day this week after dinner, thought “I need to blog now”, and then get distracted by something else. At any rate, I took some pictures of my apartment to show you all. Its progressed a bit since my first entry about it in January, so I wanted to post some updated pictures. The bathroom is exactly the same, so no pic of that…and the kitchen’s too small to even get a good picture. I’m sorry about the lighting seeming so dark…the lighting is always kinda dark so its not even the camera. We face a bunch of trees.

I didn’t include a picture of the balcony but we finally bought chairs and a table over the weekend for it. It looks really nice and will be fun to chill on or for when we have guests over (although it is tiny, so not many people would fit on it). I also bought a couple potted flower plants (one is hanging and one is on a little bench thing) but apparently I suck at anything that is remotely related to gardening, because they’re already dying. The past four days I’ve come back and the one poor flower pot is always on its side, jammed into the bars of the railing. I guess its the wind? I’ve moved it on top of the chair but its still getting knocked over and its all mis-shapen. 🙁 As for the hanging one, its all wilted and such so I watered it. I’m thinking about starting an herb garden (I really want to try and grow cilantro and parsley) but god only knows how that would go considering my history with plants lol.

I’m planning on doing some shopping this weekend (what else is new?). I got a groupon for Old Navy ($20 for $10) and I’ll be right near there tomorrow if I go out so I want to use that…of course, its still “processing”. bah! Also need to exchange something from Ulta and pick up some stuff I need for the bathroom at Target (my abundance of soap has caused me to need a second soapdish lol). I’ll probably go to the Lowe’s (since its right in the area I’ll be going to anyway) to look into the possible herb garden…we shall see.

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2 thoughts on “Updated Apartment Pictures”

  1. The mirrors are very cool- at first glance they look like cut-outs in the wall and you’re seeing into the next room.

  2. Your place looks great. I especially like the picture hanging above your bed. When I play the Sims that’s usually a place I will hang a painting like that haha.

    Good luck with the plants. Mine are still doing pretty good. I’m especially excited because an apple seed I planted has started to grow. But my space plant still hasn’t done anything. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

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