Daily Life

sleeping with seclusion

And so begins the second week of classes. *yawn*

My MWF class is just the BTMM senior seminar. The professor is a really nice and agreeable guy so it shouldn’t be too bad. The only thing I’m a bit apprehensive for is the mock interview we have to do with the Career Development Center. They videotape it and you have to watch it while they point out your mistakes. It just sounds like a horrifying experience. haha. But hopefully I will gain some pointers out of it cause my interview skill suck big time.

My Film class (Survey of New Media) isn’t all that bad so far. Boring as all hell, but nothing that would cause me any sort of emotional turmoil. Lots of reading. Meh.

My prof for Writing For Business is this quirky old lady who really likes wearing crocs. I still haven’t gotten the book yet, cause apparently there’s no tests or quizzes so I’m not sure what the point of getting it is, but I probably should. We have to do a project/presentation on a company of someone that we know, so I’m doing the company Shawn works for. haha. That really seems to be the only thing that we need to do for the course.

And then theres Marching Band of course. The new director is cool and the clarinets are awesome. We had our first game on Saturday against UConn. It was down pouring the whole time and I almost died. Apparently our show was good though.