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As my friend Liz would say, the weather is on crack.

Seriously though I was wearing winter coat, gloves, scarves, and earmuffs earlier this week…and now I’m warm in just a hoodie? I wish it would just get cold already! Not necessarily cause I enjoy cold weather, but because I would like some stability regarding what I’m going to wear everyday (i.e t-shirt one day, wool jacket the next day is not acceptable). =P

So I’ve discovered Stumble Upon. Positives? Wasting lots of time. Negatives? Wasting lots of time that I could potentially be working on schoolwork. Darn internetz.

Anywho, here are some supacool things I’ve “stumbled” upon:

1 thought on “*stumbles*”

  1. I wish it would get colder too, and stay that way.
    It’s also been raining a lot too, which I like.
    But anyway, LOL, stumbleupon.com seems like an interesting site. =]

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