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world series

Let me take a moment to make a rant that I’m sure no one (from Philly) but me will agree with =P haha

First let me say that I’m glad the Phillies won the World Series. Its pretty freakin awesome and exciting. Woo! That being said, may I ask why everyone in Philadelphia has to be complete hooligans without any sort of self-control? I understand parading through the streets and screaming…and even jumping on bus terminals and swinging off street lamps. And I will even tolerate the fact that I heard car horns beeping outside my window till 2 in the morning, as irritating as it was. But flipping over/destroying someone else’s car(s)? Setting city property on fire? Robbing and ransacking stores? Basically destroying what little there is that actually makes this city look half-decent? I mean I feel bad for the people that have to work to repair/re-plant/re-make everything. And I especially feel bad for the people whose cars were overturned. I’d be mad pissed if my insurance didn’t cover it. haha. I mean I’m looking at pictures from it and it seriously looks like the political riots from the 1960s with the broken glass and fire and smoke. Its ridiculous. Except at least back then they had something to riot over. We won a sporting event. Granted a very BIG sporting event, but a game nonetheless. Is there really a need to destroy everything standing around you because of that? I’m surprised no one got killed. I heard they arrested like 60 people that they caught on video cameras…which is good cause people need to learn that their actions actually have consequences, and just cause we won a game doesn’t mean you’re free to go around setting fires to things and destroying cars.

I dunno maybe if I cared about sports I’d have a different view. Or maybe I’m just un-Philadelphian. haha. But I just think its a little ridiculous. I don’t even think I’d act that way if I won a million dollars lol

O yea…Happy Halloween!!! I feel like everyone is forgetting this awesome holiday with all the Phillies stuff going on lol

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  1. I live about 20 minutes from Philly, and half the people at my high school skipped school on Friday to go to the parade.
    It was ridiclous all the things they were doing, from what I’ve heard.
    Buuut everyone talking about the Phillies winning was making me excited, even though I don’t even watch baseball, LOL. =]

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