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Moving In…

I know I promised pics of the new place, but we just got our kitchen table yesterday and we’re in the process of putting it together…so theres trash and boxes and pieces of furniture everywhere at the moment. haha.

Everything went fairly smoothly with the move. There were, of course, problems…which is to be expected. Our main problem was probably the shower. Yesterday, we tried the shower for the first time and it didn’t work. Like, there was a small dribble coming out from the shower head and that was it! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the cold water wouldn’t shut off. We turned the knob all the way to both ends, and it didn’t budge. So we had to call the emergency maintenance person, who luckily came out pretty quickly and was able to shut it off and replace the knob. He also replaced our shower head (which was the reason it wasn’t working) so all is well again.

The other thing that didn’t work was the internet…which I pretty much knew wasn’t going to work. Internet working the first time? hah…funny. I called the tech guy and, after holding for a long time and listening to the same 3 really bad instrumental songs over and over, he was able to get it working. Then I set up the wireless router, which I was positive I would have a problem with since the last two times I’ve set up wireless there’s been issues, but it actually went smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised.

We had a bit of a hassle trying to get the couch through our door and up the steps, but that was mostly because neither of our dads seemed to realize that putting it through the door bottom first (and continuing to try and push it through even though it was clear it wouldn’t fit) was an incredibly dumb idea. When they finally tried it the way Shawn and I were suggesting (top first), it worked easily…of course. haha

Besides those things, all is well in apartment-land so far. Maintenance is coming by today to fix up some minor things (like painting the wall to cover up the scuff marks left by trying to jam the couch in) and looking at our shower drain, since it seems to be draining a bit slow. Our decor looks pretty nice…as in, unlike our old apartment, we actually have decor. haha. The kitchen table is a little bigger than I thought it would be…it fits well enough though, but sticks out a tiny bit from where the “dining area” is supposed to be. We do have to get some more wall art at some point…probably from Home Goods, which we discovered last weekend as really cheap wall art and other things. Its my new favorite store =p

Thats all for now…pictures with the next post most likely. Its snowy and icy and crap again today. I would really like it if things would stop falling from the sky. That would be great, as I forget what grass looks like.

3 thoughts on “Moving In…”

  1. Congrats on getting into the new place! SO exciting! Is this an actual apartment complex you’re in now, or is it just like someone owns an apartment and rents it out?

    1. @Sidny, thanks 🙂 Yea, its an actual complex. Its actually a part of a community that includes four complexes that has a central gym/pool/bar etc, so thats pretty cool. Haven’t checked that stuff out yet because its a little ways up the street, but I hope to soon.

  2. Glad the move went fairly smoothly! When we moved we had a desk we had to totally take a part to get through the door. Not looking forward to when we have to pack everything up and move out of here.

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