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exciting weekend ahead!

Thank goodness its Friday! Tomorrow we’ll be moving into our new apartment. I can’t wait, and I hope everything goes smoothly (although knowing my luck, something or other will go wrong haha). We already have an issue with the keys that we were given. One of the keys for the door works, but the other one doesn’t. Its not a huge deal since I’ll be back before Shawn is anyway, but it would be nice to have two sets of keys so I’ll have to see if they can provide me with the correct one. The internet is supposed to be set up today, which is probably my main concern (of course!). I’m already anticipating issues with setting up the wireless network, because both of the times I’ve tried to set it up in the past theres been something wrong haha. Just crossing my fingers at this point that we’ll have some form of internet tomorrow night, cause I have no idea what I’d do without it. :p

I’m also pretty excited about getting the Roku box set up, although I just realized Hulu+ (which I pay $7.99/mo for) doesn’t actually let you watch every show on the tv thats on Hulu. Apparently, only some shows and movies are licensed to be watched on tv, and all the other shows on Hulu have to be watched on the computer. Luckily, Glee and Modern Family can be watched on the tv (along with a new show I’ve been watching lately called “No Ordinary Family”…check it out, its pretty good!), but some other shows I love like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” have to be watched on the computer. Thats a bummer since I’m paying like 8 bucks a month for it X( But if I didn’t get Hulu+, I wouldn’t be able to watch any Hulu shows on the TV…so I’m hoping they get more shows licensed for that soon.

I had a snow day on Wednesday, which was great because I used the entire day to pack up everything. It took longer than expected, so I’m really glad it snowed so I could use that day to my advantage. lol. I haven’t actually seen the apartment without snow on the ground though, which is kind of annoying. Every time we visit, its right after a snowfall! I’m sure the grounds have pretty grass and stuff underneath all of it. Hopefully all the snow melts away soon because I’m getting really tired of seeing it on the ground everywhere I go (as well as having to step through it).

I’ll blog again once I’ve settled and I’ll also post pictures of the new place 🙂

4 thoughts on “exciting weekend ahead!”

  1. That’s exciting! It’s awesome that you guys were able to get an apartment pretty quickly too. Here’s hoping the internet is up and running as soon as possible 🙂

    I got your message about the housewarming on the 29th, and I can come! I’ll bring the $5, I don’t really want to be toting around a bottle while working out the public trans to get there, haha. Can’t wait to see the new place!

    1. Sweet! I’ll let you know how the public transpo is after I’ve taken the bus (the #27) there a few times. I took it yesterday and it wasn’t too bad (although it was dark so I was kind of nervous I was going to miss the stop). Luckily theres a huge lit sign across the street for the “Henry on the Avenue Apartments” that has a neon display of the time and weather haha…so I just get off when the bus is approaching that sign.

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