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Je m’appelle…?

I have a dentist appointment today. ๐Ÿ™ scury. I’m not a fan. haha

Wow I really wish (again) that I had something to blog about. haha. Maybe I should just got blog at all if I don’t have anything to say ๐Ÿ˜› O well.

I’ve decided that I don’t like the layout or the name of my new portfolio site. Far too boring. I already have melaniegebhardt.com registered…but I wonder if I can un-register it and add something else…since my package includes two domain names. Hmm. I’ll have to look into that. Anywaysss…here are the ideas I have! I wanted something fun. lol. Please let me know in the comments which of them you like (or feel free to suggest a new one). Right now, my favorite would have to be i-art-u.com…its supposed to be like I heart you…except without the he…so it becomes art. I don’t know. LOL.


6 thoughts on “Je m’appelle…?”

  1. I used to HATE HATE HATE the dentist. But one day my nanny told me pain is temporary. After that, I try not to make myself nervous when I go to the dentist. I sit there in the chair saying in my head, please don’t let this hurt and just remember that pain is temporary hehe. I actually don’t mind going to the dentist that much anymore, but that doesn’t mean I like going haha.

    Not blogging is a bad idea. Even if you don’t have anything to say you should say something lol. Just make something up, we’re not going to know the difference are we? haha. Okay, so I don’t really mean just start lying to us. But if you didn’t do anything exciting you can maybe talk about your new favorite band/movie/tv show. Or talk about something that really interests you.

    I think i-art-you is amazing! It’s incredibly cute and catchy. Definitely go with that one if no one has taken it yet.

  2. Hey thanks for voting [=

    OMG i HATE dentists! And BRACES! Even tho you didnt mention braces specifically. [= And wait Je mโ€™appelle is something like my name or what? je is like “I”, right? and is appelle sometihng like name? IDK haha but id LOVE to learn french. :] I think eleven87.net is nice, or urban-melody.com, but i-art-you is nice too. :] I personally have a thing for dot orgs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I hate the dentist too, I have to go a lot well to the orthodontist at least because I have braces. I can’t wait to get them off lol.

    I kinda like Urban-melody but I guess it’s because I’m a city girl at heart.

  4. I like Urban-melody.com the best out of them all. You have a really good sense of creativity. You should have a domain ideas list in your visitor content – just a thought.

    I hate dentists too – the one I have is not gentle with my teeth. :/

    (Despair.nu – omgheyy)

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