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haha this day is teh suck

I was so tired when my alarm went off this morning that I couldn’t even move, and had to wait for a little while till I regained arm movement to turn it off. I was having this dream that cavemen were chasing me which was really weird. So anyway, after waking up late, I realized I didn’t pack for the weekend and had to do that…making me miss breakfast. Then it started raining when I got to Temple which sucked cause I hate rain and it made my flipflops all gross and slippery.

My boss told me to call back some lady who wanted to know why her direct deposit hadn’t posted to her account yet. So I did and told her that it would be posted by tonight. And she kept complaining endlessly about her situation and how she’d spent all morning calling banks and how horrible Temple is and blah blah blah. She was nice I guess, but she just kept repeating her rant every time I told her that it would be posted tonight. lol. She kept me on the phone forever. Then she’s calls back later asking at exactly what time it will be posted. Like what am I supposed to do? Unless the IRS is coming to claim her house sometime during this afternoon, I don’t know why she’s freaking out about it so much. I wish my stupid boss would actually come to work sometimes.

I’m spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s which should make this day better. haha. =) And I’m looking forward to next Wednesday being a holiday. I wish I had taken more days off…but since I’m going away on the 16th i decided not to.

O yea…the dentist appointment went well last night. Didn’t have any cavities! 🙂

Vanilla Bean Frapps from Starbucks are really good…I wish they had coffee in them though. lol

And thanks to everyone who told me which domain name you like =) I’m probably gonna go with i-art-u…though I really like urban-melody, but probably not for an art site. haha. I feel like changing my own domain name to that =P

9 thoughts on “annoyances!”

  1. What you just described is exactly why I love summer! Starbucks is my salvation, even though everything costs four dollars.

  2. Ah cranky ladies who complain too much is exactly why I could never do anything like customer service. I’d be fired my first day for snapping back at a customer. lol.

    Ooh Vanilla Bean Frapp? I want one! That sounds really good!

  3. Hmm sorry your day didn’t go well. Especially with the woman who kept ranting on the phone. I wouldn’t be able to stand that.
    Have fun with your boyfriend.

  4. Hey sis! how are you? I missed you! gosh! this layout is very pretty and colorful! awww.. I really missed reading your blog. 🙂

    your gonna change your domain? cool! 🙂
    Take Care!

  5. oh god. i hate it when my alarm goes off right when you have this very intresting dream goin on.

    and about the lady. GeeEe.. she must be very annoying. well spending sometime with someone you love is always a fun thing. so yhea gudluck on that

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you could create me a MySQL so I can install WordPress 🙂 It’s ok if you can’t or don’t want to.

  7. Well in the working world you always have to deal with people annoying you, no matter what. But it’s all good when the paycheck comes :P. My former boss never comes to work as well. He usually only comes at 10AM and stay for an hour and leave. I wonder what they do? Go home and sleep? Sigh the life of being a boss… I wonder if it’s really that good.

    LOL I hate going to the dentist! Whenever I go I get bad news, if it’s not cavities then it’s I need braces and all that fun stuff.

  8. Urban-melody sounds really pretty.

    I never could handle the taste of the Vanilla Bean Frapps. I love their caramel macchiatos. So delicious!

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