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glitter on the west streets

[Song lyric: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Heads Will Roll]

Its been so long since I posed…sorry! Meant to like 5 different times this weekend but kept getting distracted.

My birthday was this weekend so that was fun. I’m 22! I feel so old haha. I got my tax return on my birthday (how convenient is that? haha) so I’m planning on buying the student edition of Adobe Web Premium when I get a chance (thanks to Danielle for the tip!). I bought a book a while ago on Dreamweaver 4 so hopefully actually having the program will give me incentive to learn it haha. I spent my birthday night with a few of my friends…a couple pics on the sidebar (courtesy of Cara)

Is anyone else pissed off about how I-Tunes raised prices for “popular” songs? What a bunch of money grubbers. I just paid $1.29 for a song I should have paid $.99 for. I might end up using Amazon’s Mp3 store thing more if I can.

I ordered a book for History that I have to read by April 30th, and I just realized that the earliest it would get here would be the 21st. That week is gonna suck haha

I’ve stopped being so stressed out about the finding a job/graduation thing. Why should I stress myself out about it so much when its not even getting me anywhere. Graduation is and will be a happy day where I can celebrate my accomplishments, not fear the future. Its not like I have parents who are going to throw me on the street and completely cut me off without support. There’s nothing really to worry about and I’ll just have to keep trying and wait till the economy gets better. It’ll give me time to focus on other things, learn more programs, and maybe try to think of some ideas for freelance in web.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. The poor boyfriend is sickypoo 🙁

SoulPancake: Do We Measure The Success Of Our Lives By Our Ability To Find Love?

My personal opinion is yes, whether we like to believe it or not. If we’re unable to find love, we (or most people) automatically think there’s something wrong with us. Which is silly of course…but we’re basically programmed that way to some extent by society and media.

Plinky: Nassau, Bahamas trip

"Relive a vacation" asks Plinky. Well…since I'm almost graduating I started thinking about high school graduation and senior week.

Some highlights: really nice hotel, annoying taxi drivers, foam party, people asking us to buy things all the time, ben the drunk who kept messing up our names, the bottle of schnapps we left in the hallway, and I'm sure a billion other things that I forget…

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