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A Couple Blogthings

You Are an Ectomorph

You are thin and lean. You don’t put on weight easily.
Ectomorphs are known for being private, introverted, and brilliant.

It’s likely that you are introspective, philosophical, and even artistic.
Other people tend to make you a bit tense, but being alone is both inspiring and comforting.

You Would Win Best Costume Design

You are imaginative, artistic, and very unique. You are a natural designer.
You can picture entire movies in your head. You are incredibly visual.

As long as you can remember, you’ve always had a flare for fashion. You like to experiment with looks.
You like dressing up in costumes and outfits. And not just for Halloween!

3 thoughts on “A Couple Blogthings”

  1. :O i LOVE your new theme!!! it’s awesome! =]
    Blogthings is cool. I used to put those little quizzes all over my MySpace.

  2. Blogthings reminds me of fortune cookies and those little paper choise games that kids make “pick a color, pick a number… you like Billy”. I think they sound come up with more original and provacative results.

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