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*blank stare*

Nothing really exciting going on. *thinks* Yea I got nothing. haha. Lots of schoolwork stuff due coming up. Luckily I’ve been doing pretty well so far, so hopefully I can keep that up.

Did anyone watch CSI last night and feel like they completely copied the format for their previous episode “4×4”? It was some serious deja vu. It wasn’t a bad episode though.

I should go read for this paper I have due…sorry this blog is completely pointless and void of content! 😛 hahaha

ETA: I was bored, so I took a picture of the view from my window. Loves it!

view of philly from my window
view of philly from my window

ETA 2: I’ve just discovered this song (from the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” soundtrack…which I still need to see) and I am obsessed! I usually don’t like Lady Gaga stuff too. haha

I think I’m just going to keep adding to this post so that maybe a compilation of random things will make it less boring. HAHA

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  1. Good luck keeping on top of your homework. That’s something that I’m supposed to be doing right now. I just have no motivation to work on anything at the moment.

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