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Hey guys! Haven’t made a real blog post in awhile.

I’ve been trying to make more mini-posts, such as my daily Grace in Small Things, to keep my blog fresh and not completely dead on days when I don’t actually blog (which is most days haha). I should also be doing some prompts from Plinky as well but I’m currently having some problems adding it to my blog so I’m gonna wait that out. I’ve also just discovered a new site today called SoulPancake which is actually run by the guy who plays Dwight in The Office. haha. It asks some pretty deep questions/challenges, so those could be some things I would update with in addition to GiST and Plinky.

Remember when my eye was bothering me in January? I actually don’t think I blogged about it, but I did Twitter it. Well, its back (this is the third time its come back). Its SO annoying though and I’m thinking about making an appointment. :confused:

How does everyone feel about the new Facebook layout? I like it. 🙂

Day 6 and 7: Grace In Small Things:
1. New soft shirt from Express
2. Saw Watchmen which wasn’t too bad!
3. Using a LUSH massage bar 🙂
4. Getting completely wasted Having a couple drinks tonight to forget about it being the last night of break haha
5. Planning for next week’s party
6. Discovering neat little web sites that I had never heard of
7. Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Philly tomorrow
8. Having a toasted turkey sandwich this afternoon
9. Finally finding the song from CSI that I had been looking for for over a week!! (”The Lovely Machine” by Head Popping Through”…only on myspace tho)
10. Not having much laundry to do this wkend

SOULPANCAKE: Is Love At First Sight Total B.S?
As fanciful and nice it is to believe, I do think its B.S for the most part. I don’t doubt you can be strongly attracted to someone by the first sight, but you can’t tell how a person really is by just a first glance, let alone “love” them. It might develop into love but I don’t think that first “sight” can be considered love lol.

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