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tweet tweet almost spring

Another one of the those full days alone at work with nothing to do. Its been very slow…only a couple phone calls and emails and a couple minor things to change on the website. So I’ve basically been Twitter-ing it up all day!

Spring Break starts this week. I’m going home tonight and should be back Sunday sometime. I’m just gonna relax the rest of the week, work @ Temple a little, and continue my job hunt.

I can’t believe it will be mid-March after next week. The semester keeps dwindling down! I used to eagerly await the end of the school year but now I’m dreading it. :confused: Luckily, my grades so far this semester have been pretty good minus this one Law paper. I have to make sure I do really well in Law now to maintain the grade.

*le sigh* I wish I could freeze time like Hiro Nakamura.

On the bright side I got paid today 😀

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