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Awesome Weekend, Bleh Week

Yay for writing entries two days ago, getting distracted, and leaving them in my drafts! Anyway…

I had probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in awhile. I went to Virginia with my friend to visit another friend who moved down there a few months ago. She just moved into a new house and was having a housewarming party. It was definitely a nice change of scenery and I had a great time! It felt like college again, which made me super happy. Pictures are in the sidebar (Flickr).

The problem with good weekends is that they end, and I always get in a depressive sort of slump after. Usually it happens after vacations, but really any situation where I go somewhere else to stay for more than a day. I also think 48 straight hours of socializing (despite being awesome) has left me exhausted…as is the case with us introverts. I wanted nothing more than to not have to talk or interact with a single person on Monday. Luckily I’m a little better now haha

I should hopefully have up a new recipe next week since I’m planning on making something new, though I’m not sure what just yet (possibly alfredo sauce). I tried to make chicken enchiladas yesterday and it was a big ole fail. Well, the mixture was good, but I guess corn tortillas just don’t work with them as well as wheat ones do, because they split open immediately when I put the mixture in them. Ended up having the chicken mixture with rice and doing a casserole type thing. It was ok, but obviously not the intended result.

I keep forgetting to water my basil…the poor things are probably dead or dying 🙁 Must remember to do that! I still feel like they’re barely growing (although, you know, watering might help with that haha).

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  1. Exactly my sentiments about weekends. Why can’t the weekends be 5days and weekdays are just 2days lol. It’s like you get so stressed for 5 long days and 48 hours is all that you get to relax. And sometimes, you don’t really get to relax for the whole 48 hours because you were too busy working and come weekends your swamp with a lot of things to do at home. But I guess, looking at the brighter side 2 days is 2 days so thank you. Hey I’m sorry, didn’t mean to be stranger here. Just dropping by

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