2 thoughts on “Babbles and Rambling”

  1. I like your eyebrows. Do you do them yourself or get them professionally done? One suggestion for your videos might be to talk a little louder. You tend to go quiet near the end of your sentences.

    You’re the second person’s blog I’ve looked at tonight that talked about that video site where you can make the logo. That does seem pretty appealing. But I don’t like doing videos of me talking. That’s just a little too personal for me I think. I wouldn’t know what to say. Also, I agree. I wouldn’t be able to make one unless no one was home. I would feel too silly. I think if I was going to do a video I would have a script because I would hate to have an awkward silence.

    That’s a nice ring you have on your finger. Are you engaged?

    I know what you mean about the weather this winter. But I love it. I hate the cold weather. I wouldn’t complain if it was warm all year long in the future.

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