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pleasures of the first world

[Today’s title lyric from: The Submarines- You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie]

Whoa did anyone upgrade WordPress to the new 2.7 version? Usually those upgrades are lame but they completely changed it. I think I actually like it! Everything is much easier to navigate and it looks very clean. I just wish there were a little more color…or any color for that matter. Even a little! Everything looks so white. haha.

Sooo…exciting news! I just ordered a webcam online. Which means I’m going to try to do a video blog here and there! (and most likely post annoying videos to friend’s facebook pages) Granted its a pretty cheap camera so I’m sure it will be horrible quality, but its better than nothing. I have already set up an account on Viddler.com to host the videos. Its much cleaner looking than Youtube…and doesn’t have as much trash. haha. Its a really cool site. You can actually customize your own brand logo for the video screen as well as colors etc.

In other news, I’m done with the semester and its both a wonderful and scary feeling. I really do not want to graduate haha. I’ve decided I need to start looking for jobs over winter break though. Although my outlook on that is pretty bleak considering I most likely won’t find anything. um yay!

In recent music obsessions, I love the new song by The Submarines- You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie (below). And, yes, I did listen to them before they were on that I-pod commercial! lol.


Thats all for now! Hope all is well!

PS: Is there a reason that WordPress never sends me emails about comments anymore? o_O and how can I fix it? Perhaps the upgrade will fix it…hmm.

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  1. vblog, girl! That’s awesome! I’d do one, but I already do enough webcamming with my boyfriend and that’s enoough webcam for one person. BELIEVE ME.

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