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Bad Kitty!

...who, me?
…who, me?

So Prince Charles has been pooping on the floor a lot this week. Not anywhere random, but directly next to the litter box. I have no idea why. He pees in the box just fine. I don’t think he’s sick or anything. I read that some cats prefer to do different things in different boxes, but he’s never been like that before. At any rate, I’ve put an additional box right next to his current one just to see what happens. I’m so tired of cleaning up poo everyday! Luckily, he always goes on the litter mat as opposed to the actual floor so…I guess he’s making it a little easier for me? bah.

Any ideas fellow kitty owners?

2 thoughts on “Bad Kitty!”

  1. Hey Mellieanne…
    When my kitty did that, it was because she wasn’t liking the litter inside anymore! It wasn’t comfy enough for her tush, I guess, and she did the same thing – right next to the box, on the mat.
    Try changing the litter brand you’re using, and clean it out twice a day to make sure he’s not just being a demanding diva.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Yep it might just be the litter, since I did change him over to a new litter (and a new box) about a month ago…so it could be either of those. Although I do clean out the box 2x day and the litter is pretty soft (World’s Best). I totally wouldn’t put it past him to be a demanding diva! haha

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