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Power Outage

Hi lovely people!

Hope you had a good weekend! Mine went by so quickly. On Saturday morning, our power was out from like 9 to noon. Apparently, a transformer blew in our area so most of our neighborhood was without power. It wouldn’t have been much of an issue if not for the incessant, loud beeping noise coming from some kind of fire alarm equipment for our building that happened to be located right outside our door. It was driving me mad! Luckily, the power was back on before I completely lost it.

Saturday night, Shawn and I went over to my parent’s house for a dinner party with a couple of my mom’s friends and their adorable baby. She made lamb tagine (sp?)…was delicious! And for dessert, there was vanilla cake and tiramisu. I had both…because why not =p

Sunday was spent lazily sitting around doing nothing, as it usually is. Have I actually started working out or practicing guitar? That would be a no. Ugh I’m SO lazy!

I watched probably half of the Oscars last night. I teared up during Lupita’s speech! I’ve never seen her act, but she just seems so genuine. I also love Jared Leto (and his pretty, shiny hair that looks much better than mine).

Oh…our sink/plumbing issue is fixed! Hooray! A plumber (we managed to get an actual live person on the phone after calling at least 10 places) came by this morning and fixed the leak issue. Apparently, we didn’t need a pipe replacement, just some kind of “trap” (0% knowledge of plumbing related subjects here). But I’m glad that’s fixed so that I can actually use my sink again.

We were supposed to get this huge snowstorm today. Most schools and businesses in the area were closed (not mine). But it was kind of a bust…only a couple inches I think.

And here's a selfie of the kitty and I, because what else do I ever take photo's of?
And here’s a selfie of the kitty and I, because what else do I ever take photos of?

4 thoughts on “Power Outage”

  1. Oh, my lights went out for awhile this weekend as well. I hate when that happens, especially at night. How did people use to survive without power? 0.O I don’t think I would last very long in those times.
    Glad your sink was fixed, can imagine how frustrating that is when things don’t work like they should. -.- Why would your school not close as well, seems unfair to me? I’m annoyed having just having to go out in freezing rainy weather, so I’m sure snow would be even worse. Yay for kitty pics!! I really want a cat now.

    1. Luckily it was in the morning, so I tried to sleep through most of it! Then I went over to a coffee shop for a bit haha

      It was actually my office that didn’t close (out of school…though wish I wasn’t!). We’ve only had like one snow day so far 🙁

      You should get a kitty! 🙂

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