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Belated Topics…

I realized I never wrote about my trip to Lake George (now over a month ago!). I had a draft and completely forgot about it! I like to keep posts about trips, so I’ll just quickly share a few pictures here. It was very nice and the lake was beautiful. We stayed for 4 days through Labor Day weekend. We went hiking (Mt Buck), went on an evening lake cruise, went kayaking on the lake, visited Fort William & Henry, and just generally ate a lot of food.

Sidenote: This new Gallery feature in the new WP editor is the best. Unless I’ve just never noticed it before and its not actually new? You just choose your pictures and it aligns them all nicely, even if they’re different sizes. No more stupid column aligning coding!

We finallyyy got our bird feeder installed last month too. It had been sitting on the living room floor since the beginning of June. We emailed the Landlord to make sure it was okay, and then Steve drilled a hole in our awning to hang it. It took awhile (over a week), but the birds have finally noticed it, and Jesse has finally noticed the birds. He’s been intently watching them and LOVES it. I’m happy that he has some entertainment now since I feel bad that he’s home alone all day.

Speaking of Jesse, he seems to be feeling better since I last posted about him. Maybe? He went over 3 weeks without throwing up, but then ended up doing it 3 times a few weeks ago…I was so devastated! He also threw up about a week ago but it was a bunch of food right next to his bowl, which usually means he ate too fast. I ended up getting him one of those slow feeder bowls. He seems to know how it works but now but doesn’t seem to actually be consuming as much which is slightly worrying, but I hope he’ll continue to use it and get the hang of how to get all the food out.

I have a feeling I probably won’t post again until after our FL Keys trip in November. We hired a pet sitter for Jesse for a few of the days…hopefully all will be well with that and he’ll be good with her. And hopefully no hurricanes will hit us or anything.