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Bling and Drinks

This was a pretty exciting weekend compared to my usual. On Friday evening, I went to a friend’s house for a jewelry party featuring lia sophia jewelry. I ended up ordering a pretty (but simple) pair of earrings. I have so much jewelry, but like 90% of it I’ve gotten as gifts and they aren’t really my style. Most are too sparkly or fancy, which I can wear for certain occasions but I wouldn’t really wear them everyday. I don’t really have any simple, silver earrings that I can wear on a daily basis, so I’m hoping the ones I ordered will fill that void!

The following night I went to a Valentine’s party with Shawn that another one of my friends was having. It was fun, but I totally drank too much. =p No one was able to give us a ride back (and public transportation would have taken close to 2 hours), so we ended up getting a cab back. That’s $40 that I wish I hadn’t spent…but at least it was more convenient than trying to catch the last train and bus of the night and possibly being stranded if we missed the bus back. I literally laid in bed for over half of the day yesterday. However, I did find time to completely clean out and rearrange our disaster of a coat closet as well as make some of this delicious salsa. Why have I not made salsa before? Not only am I addicted to salsa in general, but its super easy to make.

And today is President’s Day, and unlike Shawn, I do not have off work. I’m pretty much in a “I don’t want to do anything wah wah I want to go home” kind of mood. Could have totally used another day. The whole stretch from January to April sucks…we need to create more holidays in there. There should be at least one holiday each month…who’s with me? :p

2 thoughts on “Bling and Drinks”

  1. I know what you mean about gifted jewelry. I used to get jewelry from my grandparents every year for Christmas and Birthdays but it was never something I could actually see myself wearing. So while I have so many pieces of jewelry, there are only a couple of items that I actually wear on a regular basis.

    We made our own salsa before which also turned out pretty good. But I think it’s just easier to buy it. Also, the homemade stuff doesn’t last as long before it goes bad.

    That sucks that you don’t have today off while most other people do. I have the day off today too because of “Family Day”. I’ve never had this day before because we don’t have it in Nova Scotia. It seems to me to just basically be a day off. Nothing really special is happening that I am aware of lol.

  2. I love earrings and jewellery, but I also hardly ever wear it. I always seem to be in a huge rush in the morning and never remember it! I have two holes in each ear so you’d think that’d give me an excuse to wear more earrings…but it just doesn’t! 😛

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