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February Glam Bag: Valentine’s Day

I finally got my February Glam Bag! I would have gotten it sooner but the USPS sent it to a different state by accident and it had to be re-routed or something. The theme for this month’s bag was “Valentine’s Day”, but I honestly don’t see any of the products as being related to Valentine’s. I’m actually fairly disappointed with this month’s bag as opposed to last month’s, which I loved. Here are the products I received, which I’ll have reviews up for later in the week:

  • NYX Roll On Shimmer: This was the only makeup product in the bag (ridiculous.) I got it in “Taupe”, which is nice because its a neutral color…though I’m really not into glitter at all so I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of it, but its full size which is a plus.
  • X Out Shine Control: This product is supposed to control oil, which is something I only have a problem with on my forehead (I guess if you have dry skin, this product would be fairly useless to you). Its a good size sample, but nothing exciting to me.
  • Premier Instant Stretching Mask and Moisturizer: These samples can barely be called “deluxe”, in my opinion. I’ve heard you can get them for free on Premier’s website. I might try out the mask, but I’m not touching the moisturizer.
  • Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask in Pineapple: Ugh these masks. I didn’t like it last time and won’t like it this time. Why are we getting the same product two bags in a row?
  • NuMe Gift Card: This is a gift card for $100 for NuMe hair extensions or styling tools. The cheapest thing you can get is a mini flat iron, which costs $115. So you’re essentially putting out $27 of your own money ($15 + $12 shipping) to use something from the glam bag, which I don’t agree with. However, I will be using this because I’ve been in the market for a curling iron and would like to get a NuMe one.
  • Ghirardelli Chocolates: I guess this is the only thing remotely “Valentine’s Day” themed, and its not even an actual product. I like chocolate, though, so I don’t have much to complain about.

So that was my Glam bag. Way too much skincare. Like many other people, I switched from Birchbox to My Glam because I thought they were more focused on makeup and not skincare. I’m not going to make use of all these skincare products and skincare is something that shouldn’t be switched up that often. Not to mention that those Premier samples can barely be considered “deluxe sized”. Seems like they’re a bit confused about their target audience, too. The X Out looks like its geared towards teenage skin (judging by their marketing, and that its for acne prone skin), but the Premier products are for “anti-aging”.

I was planning on unsubscribing but I’m going to stick it out one more month to see what they have in store for March. I’m really hoping the products will be better. What happened to the December bag that had Urban Decay and Tarte? Talk about a bait and switch!

Did you get February’s MyGlam bag? Are you as disappointed with it as I am?

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7 thoughts on “February Glam Bag: Valentine’s Day”

  1. I can’t subscribe to these bags and boxes of sample products. I’d be disappointed every time, according to all the posts I’ve been seeing. Hope the next one gives you what you want. 🙂

  2. Awww I’m sorry you were so disappointed! I am not a subscriber to MGB but I used to be a Birchbox subscriber. I thought I should save my money because I wasn’t really using a lot of the samples I was getting anyway. Hopefully you’ll like next months better!

  3. I’m also really disappointed with this bag way too much skincare for sure. I got the NYX in Green and I’m probably never going to use it I swatched and it might be cool for St. Patty’s Day but thats about it.. lol I’m still subbed as well hoping next month will be better.

  4. I was a little excited since this was my first glam bag but also a little disappointed. I did try some of the products already and will be doing my glam bag review this weekend. I really was not pleased with the NYX color I got though. I got Onyx and can really only wear it if you do a smokey eye which I never wear, but I am hoping for something better next month. I wish I could have received last months I really wanted to try the Wen hair stuff. If you tried it could you please do a review when you get a chance.

    1. @Jen I did a little mini review of the Wen in January. To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with it…it made my hair feel a bit oily. =/ Apparently you need to use a lot of product to really get the benefits of it, so it could have been that the sample size was too small for me to really see a difference lol

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  6. I was SUPER disappointed. This was more geared toward my 13 year old niece than me. What is that NYX shit in neon sparkly blue?!?!?!?! And Freeman masks? I used that stuff when I was in junior high. Ugh. Not to mention the $100 “gift certificate” just makes you spend more of your own money. GIMMICK!!! I unsubscribed immediately. I’d rather put my monthly $10 toward something I actually want of quality!

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