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Blushing Soapy Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to go to the mall with Shawn and also see “The Adjustment Bureau”. It looks really good.

The buses the past couple days have been ridiculous. Apparently there are some electrical problems with the train near me, so it seems everyone is either taking the buses or driving which = traffic and crowds! I had to wait 20 minutes for the bus the past couple days (the usually empty buses were mobbed with people) and it took an hour to get into work. Super annoying. X(

I put $100 towards my budget this month from my tax return to spend on some goodies (the rest of it going into my IRA). So far I’ve gotten a couple things from Sephora: Benefit Cosmetics CORALista Blush and the Sephora Brand Atomic Volume Mascara. I had already tried the mascara in a sample size previously and loved it, so I knew what to expect with that. I actually haven’t bought mascara in about two years since I won a giveaway on Bellasugar for a huge set of mascara samples. I had been using those up for awhile (a few were dried out though so I had to toss them) and I’ve only just finished the last one. It feels nice to have a regular sized mascara again! lol. Sephora’s Atomic Volume was my favorite from the bunch…and luckily one of the cheapest. I hadn’t tried the blush before purchasing, but I really wanted a nice coral powder blush that I could use everyday. The only blush I have is Tarte’s Cheek Stain, which I still love of course, but I find it is a bit messy and difficult to use (and is also a brighter color), so I usually don’t use it unless I have a lot of time to get ready or I’m going out somewhere nice. Benefit’s CORALista is a gorgeous color and comes with a brush (which is good, considering I don’t have one). Its super easy to use so I’ve been using it everyday this week and loove how it looks :love:

To continue on with my tax return splurges, I placed an order today with Fortune Cookie Soap (actually, I had a $15 groupon so it wasn’t exactly a “splurge” haha) I had never tried their products before but I’ve always wanted to, so when that Groupon became available in October I snatched it right up! I got a “clear complexion acne soap bar” and the “clear complexion face masks” (I am continuously on a quest for products that will get rid of this stupid acne on my forehead!). I also picked up two “fortune cookie” soaps…the lemon zest for me (because I absolutely love anything lemon), and a cake-scented one for my mom for either her birthday or Mother’s Day (which is a long way off, but I figured I’d get it now while I was placing an order anyway). She likes cake, and fortune cookies…so I thought it would be kind of a fitting *shrug*. The soaps are, obviously, shaped like fortune cookies, and even have little fortunes inside! I also threw in a strawberry bath bomb for kicks, which I can’t wait to try because it got some great reviews. There were so many other things I wanted to get, though. They had this delicious looking cupcake soap. I mean, look at this soap! I want to eat it. Then I had to remind myself that its just soap, not an actual cupcake…and do I really need another bar of soap? haha.

This is the first week in a loong time that I’ve actually worked out for 5 days out of 7. As a result, I’m exhausted and hungry and have a headache…but feeling good at the same time, of course. lol. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow.

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