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La Pluie

Apparently, that means “rain” in French according to Google Translate. My four years of studying French in highschool have obviously paid off, no? X( Thankfully, this week seems to be flying by! The rain is making me feel like I’ve downed half a bottle of Nyquil, though. 😕 Getting out of bed this morning was incredibly difficult.

I made these chicken tacos last night and zomigod. They were amazing. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (I cut out the lemonade and the bay leaf) and I also used this taco seasoning recipe as with it (minus the chili powder…Shawn hates spicy foods). Its so easy to make and it made me feel like I was eating junk food, when its actually pretty good for you (I wrapped them in wheat tortillas and used mozzarella cheese). I’m definitely making them again at some point!

I received a bunch of very generous samples (actually, they were full-sized!) of Maybelline 24/hr lipcolor from Bzz Agent.com. I usually don’t wear any type of lip color (the most I’ll do is a tinted lip balm), but I figured they were free so why not try some? I almost wish I had been sent some lighter colors, though. I tried on the lightest of the four (which was a rose color) and it did look pretty nice. The other three are a bit too dark for me, though, and make me look kinda goth. haha. I’m planning on wearing the rose color on Saturday for the whole day to fully test out how long the color lasts and then I’ll be posting a review.

Goals for Saturday: get my ridiculously long hair trimmed at Bubbles Salon, pop into Starbucks to snag a free “Petite“, and finally use my Groupon at La Fourno on South Street for some yummy dinner. Hopefully it’ll be a fun day in the city!