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Bored ramblings

Howdy 🙂

I’m insanely tired today. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I slept too much over the weekend, so Monday night I couldn’t fall asleep till around 3…and woke up at like 5. haha. And last night I still couldn’t fall asleep till like 2 even though I went to bed at 12ish. I really hope I sleep more tonight cause I’m about to pass out. haha. Especially since I’m doing stuff at work that might actually involve a reasonable amount of brain power.

I was walking to the Tech Center and this person in front of me saw someone they knew down the street. The conversation went something like “hey! how are you?”…”hey how have you been?”…”how you been doing”…”how are ya?” *hand shake* wtf? LOL. How many times do you have to ask someone how they are before they answer. hahaha. Maybe its just me, but I’m usually interested in knowing how people are…I’d be like “answer the question!” lol. Its annoying when I see someone I know and I’m like “how are you?” and they’re like…”how are you?” *blink* 😆

I’m kind of excited about the Fall. I’m just so tired of Summer right now. haha. Mostly cause I miss living on campus and being able to hang out with people. 🙁 I’m nervous about the whole clarinet section leader thing for band though. :confused: We’re getting a new band director and I hope he’s as cool as our previous one was…cause that’ll make the season a lot easier and less nerve-wrecking.

So we got this new dining room set okay…and its effing huge. Well its not like enormous but it feels too grandiose to fit in with the rest of our house (which is fairly small). And the chairs are the kind with those really long backs…meaning I can’t lean back on it…and they’re white, meaning my dad is gonna have a heart attack if anything ever spills near it. haha.

I want to go on vacation so bad. And not with my parents. 🙁 I don’t even think vacation with the parents is happening this summer. Or it’ll be some lame drive somewhere. I want to go to like England…or Italy…or Hawaii…or the Bahamas even. haha. 😀

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  1. How can you say that about summer? I just love it *0*
    This fall/winter I’m living is torturous! I almost froze this morning.

    About vacations… I prefer big cosmopolitan cities… I don’t like beach very much…

    nice to meet you =)


    that was despair

  2. So WordPress is installed huh? lol. Wow, I’m loving the awesome colors on this layout. The image is so cool as it really reflects on the whole ‘cityscape’ theme x3.

    I haven’t talked to you for ages! And if you don’t mind, I’d love to add you on Link exchange!

  3. So your Summer is over.. My Summer is just starting and I can’t wait. I’d love to go on vacation but my parents can’t seem to decided if we should go or not :/

  4. Wah. I don’t want summer to end just yet. 🙂 hawaii, i think is the best place for the summer. lovely beaches. 😀

  5. I really hope I get to go on a vacation with my friends this summer too. I usually go with my boyfriend camping somewhere but this summer he is gone away for a job. So I’m not sure if I can convince my friends to take me camping as easily as it would have been with my b/f haha.

  6. Great job on the site so far! I don’t know that I should be, but I feel kind of proud. So are you liking WordPress?

    I feel the same way you do about summer. All my friends are in Philly (and ironically, more of them are at Temple than at my school) or elsewhere in PA and meanwhile I’m stuck in New York City. A job should help the time pass quickly, no? Or of course, vacations from vacation will do as well.

  7. I hate when people ask how are ya so many times. I knew a person like that and after awhile I was like..”will you please stop asking the same thing over and over, its annoying”. He laughed and did it again. GRRR LOL! Hey Summer is not bad, but I do prefer the Fall, I was born in the Fall. The only good think about Summer is my wedding anniversary, that’s about it LOL! Vacation with parents is never that fun. This August we were supposed to go to Las Vegas with my mother-in-law, but my husband dosen’t want to go because he worries about our cat being alone for a week. So, no Vegas for me. Like you I’d like to visit Italy or England, I really want to go to Greece. I hope your summer works out well. Keep that dinette set clean lol, I’m not very good with white furniture.

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