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they only want you when you’re 17

Gah I spent sooo long just now trying to get the comments to look the way I want them. I’m not used to working with CSS too much (I haven’t touched the format of it in awhile), but after playing around with divs and stuff I finally got it 🙂 Yayys

Work today was ultra boring as usual. Worked 4 hours though which is good. And pay day is Friday. woooo!

I finished three website reviews for Sunny Side Reviews so I’ll probably post those up tomorrow night.

We have a new hostee! Lots of welcomes to Katie!! 😀

3 thoughts on “they only want you when you’re 17”

  1. Lol, yay for your blog being back, that’s very exciting! 😛
    I’m going to go and visit your new hostee now!

  2. Css can be a pain but once you accomplish what you want with it it’s pretty cool.
    Woo payday is always fun! I wish I had a job just for that reason lol.

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