Daily Life

Boring Post is Boring

October 11th hmm…guess I’m officially 26 and a half today. bleh.

Although its been gross and rainy this week, at least its starting to actually feel like Fall. I love being able to wear a scarf and jacket and long sleeves!

The kitty has been off his meds for his eye infection for a couple days now. I haven’t seen the infection crop back up yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve started supplementing him with some omega-3 fatty acids (via fish oil) to help with his itchy skin so I’m hoping that has an effect. Its good for him to have at any rate, especially with the drier weather coming up.

Can’t believe the cruise is so close. Only a couple weeks away!

I’ve redesigned my portfolio site, MelanieGebhardt.com. Feel free to check it out!

Sorry that was a bit short. I still haven’t reviewed my Birchbox from September, but to be honest I haven’t gotten a chance to use most of the products yet.