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busy bee

So much stupid reading to do for classes…and of course band! So yea I’ve been busy…not much blogging going on haha.

So far my classes have been okay. A few of them are all about participation though which isn’t exactly my forte (aka I’m deathly afraid of speaking haha)…but I guess thats just the way it is haha. Overall I do really like my classes. My professor for my Advertising class is especially entertaining. haha. Even gave us cookies and donuts =P

Our first football game is tomorrow night. Hopefully I have everything I need for that. lol. Theres also like a pep band thing tonight for it. I’m sure I pretty much suck as a section leader though =/. haha

Going home Monday for Labor Day. woo.

5 thoughts on “busy bee”

  1. heyy melanie i know i sent a hosting application but idk if u got it but i got hosted lOL so it doesnt matta………affies?

  2. nice apartment pics!! mmm cookies and donuts!! lol, for me school hasnt started yet =0!! so, im a loner! lol. im in band, but i play the worst instrument possible!! =( well its bad for me, cause its always getting fixed….BUT im good though!!

  3. Hello there 🙂
    Saw your site and I loved the name: “adorability”, ha! Oh, and nice apartment! I wish I could get one, heh. Well take care!

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