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…about disappearing from the face of the Earth! hahaha.

Again, I’ve been busy…either with school or other things. When I’m not at class or work I’m usually in my apt doing homework or something for classes…and then at night I’m too tired to do anything or just not around my computer. haha. And on weekends I either have band or I’m out or sleeping. Lol. bah!

My classes have been going alright I suppose. My Advertising class is awesome…and the lab for my TV Production class is pretty cool too. I get to like use cameras and adjust lighting and the switcher board and all the business. haha. My Mass Media and Children class is interesting…the professor reminds me of someone who should be teaching grade school children hahaha. My Pop Culture class is awful though…I mean I learn some stuff but the professor is this really young doctoral student who doesn’t really hasn’t really like acquired a teaching method of her own besides giving us stuff to read and then having the class talk about it the whole time. I wanna like, you know, learn stuff from my professor…not listen to other people’s stories or opinions the whole time! >.<

Band is annoying. meh. Its tolerable I suppose…and our trip to UConn last weekend was fun haha. But its just not the same this year! =P

Shawn and I have been great =) It’ll be our one year in about a month!

Thats all I really have to update…I should really try and remember to put a hiatus message on Sunny Side Reviews cause I keep getting review requests =/

3 thoughts on “sorryyyy”

  1. You know, I never understood why people apologize for having a life in their blogs. If anything, your readers should be sorry they have so little of one that they’d bug you about not posting! My point being… get out there and live, people! 🙂

    It’s great that class is going so well for you. It’s a shame you don’t feel the same about band though! What’s so different now that it’s not nearly as much fun?

    Congratulations to you and Shawn. I recently celebrated my first anniversary too, which you of course would know if, *cough* you checked my blog as often as I check yours.

    Anyway, glad to hear from you again! I hope you’ll try to post more regularly, maybe. Ta ta!

  2. I agree with Asia, if you have a life, are enjoying your life, then why on earth are you apologising for having one?

    I don’t know you, but it seems like youve got your hands full on with everything at the minute, so i wouldnt feel too pressured to post an update every day/week.

    Plus, once youre in a serious relationship, everything else takes second place. Personal blogs included.

    Be cool to read more of your blogs though, so I hope you DO continue to blog =D

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