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Can It Be September Now?

I haven’t blogged since August 8th?? Eek! So sorry. 😕 My beauty blog is getting a lot more action right now than this one I guess.

Life has been somewhat uneventful, so I haven’t had much to write about. The exciting news is that Shawn and I finally booked our vacation to Vegas!! We’re going the first week of September (which is Labor Day + Shawn’s 25th birthday), and we’re staying at the New York New York. We had to look through a bunch of different hotels to find one. There were a couple other ones that were slightly cheaper that we were considering, but after looking on Trip Advisor, the ratings weren’t very solid. The NYNY seemed to have a pretty good location with lots of stuff, so hopefully we like it! Of course I just had to purchase this huge ass bag from Vera Bradley for traveling (luckily I got one sale for around half off). I’m pretty sure I could fit a small child in there. If you’ve been to Vegas before and have suggestions of stuff to do that you really enjoyed, let me know in the comments! I have been there before about 4 years ago, but we didn’t really go on the strip that much. Definites right now are a show (probably Phantom of the Opera since I’m a big fan) and the wax museum.

I’m pretty excited, because I haven’t been on an actual vacation since probably Christmas of 2010 when I went to Seattle. The only places I’ve been since then are to visit Shawn in Charlotte. I mean I think the last vacation day I took off work was December of last year. So this vacay is a long time coming, and much needed!

Besides that, life has been pretty uneventful. Might see a movie this weekend but who knows. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Have fun in Vegas! You getting to leave really soon. That’s exciting. I’ve never been there before but my boyfriend was and said it was great. He really liked that you were allowed to drink alcohol anywhere you wanted to.

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