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mark. Super Flip Color Kit

mark. Super Flip Color Kit

I recently won a giveaway at Curly Girl Beauty and was sent this lovely eyeshadow/lip gloss palette by mark.! This palette is pretty neat, because on one side there are nine eyeshadow colors, but then the middle portion flips over to nine lip gloss colors (surprise!)…so its a great 2-in-1 package and definitely perfect for travel because its so compact. Here are some pictures:


The eyeshadow colors (starting at the top left) are “Glitterati”, “Dusk”, “Cushy”, “Pool”, “Java”, “Fairy Dust”, “Sepia”, “Piccadilly”, and “Edge”. The swatches of the colors are below in the same order (please note that I forgot to use primer underneath, so they are probably less vibrant than they’d be if I remembered). I actually didn’t realize this until I swatched them all together, but the top 3 are the most glittery, with the next row being more of a shimmer, and the bottom row being completely matte. So definitely a great variety! The color I absolutely love is “Dusk”. I’ve been searching for the perfect all over lid color to use when I’m in a rush in the morning and don’t have time for multiple colors and blending. Neither of my other 2 eyeshadow palettes (Naked or Kat Von D’s Ludwig) have given me that perfect color, but I think I’ve finally found it! Its the perfect amount of shimmer and taupe. I’ve been using it everyday on my lids this week! Another color I really love is “Fairy Dust” (which describes it perfectly). Its a super pretty peachy pink with some nice shimmer. I don’t have any colors like “Pool” (all my eyeshadows are neutrals) so I’m really excited about trying that out too for something different.


*Flips*…on to the lip glosses! From left to right (both above and in the swatches below) are “Oops”, “Bitten”, “Cutie”, “Pop”, “Wow”, “Prima”, “Lucky”, “Plush”, and “Wild”. I was a bit hesitant about trying out the lip glosses because I’m not really a lip color person and I thought they’d be too much color for me, but I was wrong…they are a nice sheer but build-able color, which is great for me! The formula is also really soft and creamy, more like a balm than a sticky gloss, which is a huge plus because that’s one of the reasons I don’t wear gloss that much. My favorite color is “Cutie”, which gives my lips a perfect pink/mauve tint that is good for everyday. “Plush” is also a really nice everyday nude color. There are some really fun glittery shades as well (in the middle row) that are totally calling my name for the Vegas trip that I’m taking in a couple weeks. Specifically “Wow”! 😉


Overall I really like this 2-in-1 palette and I am so glad that I was able to win it. I don’t really have many cons to say about it…the only one being that the flipping part can be a little tricky in that I usually get a bit of lip or eye color on my finger, but that can probably be prevented by flipping it carefully and not being all klutzy like me 😛

Thanks so much again to Santana at Curly Girl Beauty, and be sure to follow her blog because she has some awesome giveaways!


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  1. can i say i am soooo in love with your review!! it was so honest and in detailed… i love that, thanks.. soo glad you enjoy the Super Flip Kit!! Thanks for your honest thoughts!!! chat ya soon !!

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