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Case of the…Wednesdays?

Eek I haven’t updated in awhile. Sorry folks! I didn’t do a whole lot last weekend to update about. It was hot as what outside, so most of my time was spent inside with the A/C on making a new theme for my beauty blog, which I’ve been trying to keep up with as best as I can. Shawn and I did go into the city on Saturday morning, though, so he could finally renew his state ID which has been expired since 2009. 😕 He’s flying to Tennessee today for a business trip (he actually just got there) so he needed a valid ID, obviously. Before going to the DMV, we stopped at Bonte Sugar Waffles to have breakfast. I had a waffle with dark chocolate and blueberries along with a coconut iced latte. Yum!

This week has felt so hectic, and today especially. Shawn won’t be back until Friday night sometime, so I’m all alone here 🙁 Really can’t wait until this week is over, but its dragging along. I honestly can’t remember the last “vacation” I went on somewhere that was longer than a 3 day weekend. It was probably when I went to Seattle in December (of 2010! X( ) Fall can’t come soon enough…I hope the Vegas trip works out! Although at this point, I’ll go anywhere haha

Gonna hop into a bubble bath…hopefully that will help my Wednesday blahs! Later <3 * I just published this as a "page" instead of a "post" in WordPress. I think I need sleep. lol

2 thoughts on “Case of the…Wednesdays?”

  1. I wish it was hot here. I love the heat. We don’t even have an A/C at our place lol. It’s been actually kind of chilly over the last few days here. Probably around 20C. I don’t like it.

    1. @ Deanna see that temp would be perfect for me! We obviously need to switch locations =p haha. Not to mention that the A/C being on all the time at our place really brings up our electric bill (like it literally quadruples it) ugh!

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